Questions? We can help you with that!

Wonderful - that means you've had a great experience and you're ready for more.  If you upgrade before the end of your six-week time frame, you are eligible for a $40 discount on the Premium purchase.  If that time has lapsed, you can still enroll in the Premium Level.  You'll still have access to all your previously stored data.

No problem! Just download your QR code and save to your own desktop.  You can upload it an create away.

Yes.  If you are not satisfied with the product, we'd of course love your feedback so we can make the system better. You will have access to the system for the time through which you've paid (be it 6 weeks, increments of 30 days, or a full year).  

Yes. You can access your data for up to one year.  You will not be able to start any new campaigns without re-subscribing.

Yes! We're hearing about new ones periodically, so check out our Blog once it's up and running.  So far we've heard suggestions like;

  • Use it to collect newsletter sign ups at my front counter
  • Use it at real estate Open Houses to see who is coming through
  • Use it at your business Open House to capture names of potential new customers
  • Let us know if you have other suggestions

We've tried to make it fast and easy! In less than10 minutes you can add your company information, including a logo and be ready to create campaigns and events!

Yes! With some quick work you can be ready.  Once you set up an account, Create a Campaign (think of this as a theme that you can use more than once), and then create an Event within your first Campaign. The longest lead-time is usually printing your poster.  

Whether you've used one of our posters or created your own using your unique bar code, you can use the local printer you've already been using for your other printed materials.  Send them the PDF and make your own choices about size and mounting.

Anyone you choose!  You get to decide where you want your money to go.  Instead of buying swag, you now get to use your marketing dollars to support causes close to you heart!

No.  You get to decide the non-profit for each event.  You can change it up based on your audience or you can keep it the same.

As much as you want. You get to choose how much at each event.  

At the end of the event, you will see the file of leads in your platform.  You will see a tally of the money you have committed to, based on the choices of your prospects.  You will send payment directly to the non-profit(s).